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RCON Security

Even though AdminTools is built with security in mind it can't be a substitute for good security practices, so have a read and be an informed administrator.

These are by far the most common ways of gaining authorised access.


What is it?

Automated random password guessing.

Should you be worried?

As this is one of the most common ways of gaining unauthorised access to any environment you should give it a think.

How to defend yourself?

  • Never use common passwords like password, 123456, password1
  • Use passwords longer than 20 characters. Remember, you can use a sentence as a password.

Network sniffing

What is it

Monitoring all the network traffic on a network.

Should you be worried

If you are self-hosting you shouldn't worry about this problem. Because if a hacker is able to listen to your network traffic it means that he has got full access to your network, and then you have got bigger problems than your minecraft server.

If you are using a hosting provider you should keep this into consideration, as you don't know how secure their network is.

How to defend yourself?

Always keep your network protected.